What is PrivacyBlox?

PrivacyBlox is a tool to register all your data processes, log any data breachers, generate data processing agreements and other privacy documents, and perform a privacy impact assessment on your (new) business activities. In case of any data breach, the advice wizard helps you to determine whether you will need to report it to the data protection authority. This is only one example of PrivacyBlox’s many features.,

How does PrivacyBlox work?

PrivacyBlox consists of a user-friendly online platform, where legal documents, advices and data processing can be generated in an easy and swift manner. This is made possible by the use of templates as the substantive basis for generated documents, that are customized by the use of an interactive questionnaire. While a main feature of the software is to import and draft your company’s own legal documents into a template, we offer the software with standard templates drafted by the lawyers of ICTRecht.

For whom is PrivacyBlox?

PrivacyBlox is targeted at users within an organisation or business, who are responsible for privacy compliance, such as IT professionals, (in-house) lawyers, and compliance and privacy officers. Its ease of use allows for both centralised (e.g. by a privacy officer) and decentralised (e.g. by multiple departments) use of PrivacyBlox within your organisation or business. Keeping records of all your privacy matters in one system, PrivacyBlox ensures continuity of knowledge and awareness on privacy matters within your organisation.

The people behind PrivacyBlox

Mark Hoogewerf

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Niels Winters

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Marco Caspers

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Steven Ras

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Arnoud Engelfriet

Coen Koppen

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