PrivacyBlox Documents

PrivacyBlox assists you to tailor privacy documents, such as privacy statements, data processing agreements or an emergency plan. Based on an interactive questionnaire, you can draft a document that is fully customised to your organisation and its goals. On top of that, PrivacyBlox makes sure that all texts are up-to-date with new privacy regulation.

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PrivacyBlox Advice

With PrivacyBlox, you can also compose draw up advices on privacy that will serve as a guide for your privacy officers and all other employees. They will get answers to questions such as 'what am I expected to do in case of a data breach?' or 'when should I report this breach to your national data protection authority?' PrivacyBlox also empowers you to carry out a comprehensive privacy impact assessment (PIA) to establish your business operations' impact on the privacy of your customers, suppliers and staff.

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PrivacyBlox Registers

The GDPR's administrative obligations become a simple task when you use PrivacyBlox. Data processing and data breaches are conveniently stored in one place and all relevant information is collected through a comprehensive questionnaire. This way, you are always well informed on the data processing in your organisation, so you know what points require attention or need further action.

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